Testimonials - Classes for adults

"Manju is a very knowledgeable and passionate teacher. He has a way of making everyone feel at ease and always welcome in class. There is never any feeling of pressure and he encourages each person to only do as much as they can and above all enjoy themselves. I love going to his classes as I always feel so energised and positive after class."
Dominique Couvert

"I have been going to Manju's yoga classes for two and a half years now. I was a complete beginner when I went to my first class and I thought I was probably the most unflexible person in the univerise but Manju instantly made me feel and ease. He reminded me every so often to only do as much as I was comfortable with and that flexibility isn't what yoga is about. After the first couple of weeks I was hooked and now I look forward to going to these classes each week. Manju's classes have a friendly relaxed atmosphere and there are lots of different strengthening and stretching poses which leave you with a great feeling of accomplishment. I really can't praise Manju's classes enough."
Eve Mourant, Dog Walker

"I have been going to Manju's classes in Jersey for six years now and they have changed a lot in my life. They have improved my physical and mental health. Yoga has given me happiness, confidence and a love for my body that I never had before."  
Ania, Travel Advisor

"I’ve been attending Manju’s classes for over four years now. Regular yoga practice has benefited me in several ways, my body is much more flexible, I sleep more soundly, I’m able to concentrate better, I’m less stressed and always leave a class feeling very refreshed. Manju's classes are the perfect way for me to wind down and clear my mind of the turmoil of daily life. Manju has a real presence about him and is always very patient and kind with all of his students. It is clear that he teaches for the love of it."
Paul Jarvis, IT Technician

"I have been Manju's student for six years now. I am so pleased he was my first yoga teacher ever as he has got such understanding in this subject. He is such inspiration to me."
Kinga, Hospital Administrator

"Manju is a very knowledgeable and dedicated teacher. His classes have a genuine Indian feel about them that I love. I usually begin class feeling stressed and frazzled but always finish feeling relaxed and peaceful. I sleep so much better on yoga nights."
Angela, Trust Administrator