Classes - Style of Yoga

My classes are in the style of hatha yoga (traditional Indian yoga) with a strong focus on relaxation. "Sanjeevani" is a healing herb that was found in the Himalaya by the Indian monkey god Hanuman in the famous Indian tale "The Ramayana".

Since moving to the West I have been constantly reminded of two teachings:

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." Confucius (a Chineese philosopher: 551 - 479 BC)

"We have an ancient body subjected to a modern problem: living with chronic stress."
Judith Lasater (one of my Western teachers).

I have come to realise that the greatest medicine that people living here need is an antidote to stress.

My teaching style is relaxed and playful. Yes yoga does of course have a multitude of physical, mental and spiritual benefits (see "Benefits of Yoga" page) but my main goal when I am teaching is simply for people to find that by the end of class they are happier, calmer and more relaxed than when they entered the yoga studio. This is our true nature - happy, peaceful, whole. Many of the other benefits of yoga will flow naturally from this happy, relaxed state.


Monkey in Bali. I like to think he too was carrying a healing herb