My name is Manjunath but everyone calls me Manju. On the right is a picture of me at home in South India with my Mum.

I trained as a yoga teacher in the foothills of the Indian Himalaya. I also met my Jersey born wife deep in the Indian Himalayas near the border with Tibet. That is a very dramatic story which an Indian astrologer told me as a child and a Tibetan astrologer told my wife in much more detail the year before we met! So the Himalayas are very special for me. I believe that they shaped my life by confirming my life purpose (to teach yoga) and introducing me to my wife.

I have also trained in London with Judith Lasater (author of "Relax and Renew: Restful Yoga for Stressful Times") and Jo Manuel (author of "The Spiritual Teachings of Yoga").

I was not born in the Himalaya but thousands of kilometres away on my family land in Karnataka in South India. When I was growing up we had to walk nearly an hour through dense jungle to get to the next house. There was no electricty, no roads and no hospitals in the area only dense jungle full of antelopes, cheetahs, monkeys, brightly coloured birds and lots of snakes! I am so grateful I have had the opporunity to live so close to nature.

Although it is still a very remote area, now there is electricity, roads connecting the tea and coffee plantations and a very large and well regarded ayurvedic (herbal) hospital and research centre. Fortunately the area is protected by the Forest Department which means there is no illegal logging or hunting so the jungle trees grow freely and the animals wander without fear. It is a really magical place. If you visit my Facebook page you will see photos of the area, my family and home village.

I have lived in Jersey for over seven years now but I visit India at least once a year to spend time with my family and to study and practice yoga. This is a picture of me in the Indian Himalaya buying blankets from Tibetan refugees for my yoga classes in Jersey.

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