First Class Is Free - (with the exception of classes held at Highlands College or the Wellness Centre ) to see if you enjoy this style of yoga.

Class Size - with the exception on the Sunday Sanjeevani Yoga class, class size is limited to 12 students.

Drop In - We do not take drop in students because we believe that the benefits of yoga will not be experienced unless you commit yourself to a regular practice. However, we also believe that no one can keep everyone happy and it would be unfair to ask a student to make a financial commitment to a block of ten classes that they then find that they don't actually enjoy. This is why every new student is offered a free no obligation trial class in one of my private classes.

Price - (except for classes held at Highlands College and the Wellness Centre) costs are as follows:
Evening and week-end classes: £90 for a consective block or 10 classes (£9 a class).
Weekday morning & afternoon classes: £80 for a consecutive block of 10 classes (£8 a class).

Catch-up Classes - you need to chose which class you would like to come to but if you miss a class you can take a "catch-up class" on Sunday morning. It may be possible to take a "catch up class" in another class but this is subject to a space being available. "Catch up classes" cannot be taken in Highlands College or Wellness Centre classes.

HealthHaus Classes - Manju teaches classes at this venue on Saturday and Sunday afternoons but you must be a member of the club. If you are a member please ask at reception for details.

Booking - For classes other than those held at Highlands College or the Wellness Centre, please telephone 728961 or e-mail me to book your place as some classes are very full. Classes run throughout the year but we usually take a 4 week break around Christmas to visit family in India and to study and practice yoga.