Testimonials - Workshops

"I enjoyed the workshop - the extra time spent on breathing, the lovely energising poses, the relaxation and the meditation at the end were wonderful. I also enjoyed listening to you speak about yoga.
Spending the extra time definitely had a positive effect. I felt smiley the rest of the day, my back felt straight, my shoulders were pulled back and generally I felt very relaxed.
I had never tasted anything like the lunch before it was delicious"
Debbie Sebire

"I thoroughly recommend Manju's workshops. He creates a beautiful space to practice, learn and relax. Half a day with no worries at all. I felt amazing afterwards both mentally and physically."
Jane Briggs

"I attend yoga classes with Manju which I very much enjoy. The workshop was a new experience for me - it was informative and challenging. Looking forward to the next one!"
Sonia Palmer